Who, Where & When...

Your host and artist friend Eric D. Hatchell, cordially invites you...

—   Please join us at the Dorji Elements, Thimphu's new "boutique" hotel and conference facility.

—   On the 27th day of June 2014, "Angels & Mystics..." opens with Friday night (by invitation only), VIP reception. The general exhibit is scheduled for Saturday, the 28th & 29th days of June.

—   Please contact us for more information.

About the Artist

While most days your humble artist Eric D. Hatchell is of a peaceful manifestation, from time to time he will embrace his more wrathful side, and identifies well with the Mongolian War God depicted here...

Artistic temperament as it may be a cross between the lines of rational and irrational thought, (some might say "divine madness") often requires one to equally welcome both the white guardian angels of creation, as well as the more so dark, fallen angels of ruin. Similarly, the notion of blending the seemingly opposite faiths associated with Angels and Mystics to some might seem amiss, but upon further inspection of this particular exhibit, one may look past any sense of incongruity, instead experiencing the greater meaning of the collection it truly represents, as it is in fact, a celebration of the feminine divine.

Angels & Mystics is another in a series of exhibits from Wordmarque Design.

Some 25 years ago Mr. Hatchell founded Wordmarque as a creative agency, providing graphic arts and photography to Washington, DC based clients. His philosophy was threefold... Wordmarque solves complex problems with targeted solutions. Wordmarque provides quality design, on time, in a professional manner. And most of all, Wordmarque will always devote itself to supporting ideas that deliver positive change to the world.

Special Exhibit by Rinzin Dorji Kunza

Bhutanese artist Rinzin Dorji Kunza is motivated by a feeling that spirituality is more important than religion, and that every man must go to "heaven" in his own way.

Rinzin was born in the eastern part of Bhutan (Tashiyangtse) but finished schooling in the western region of his country. Rinzin's passion for the arts was alive and well since his childhood and he has participated in many national and international competitions. Along the way he discovered the artistic potential of computer design, and adopted his traditional skills to the world of digital art.

Fueled by advances in vector rendering and illustration, Rinzin is now as much as a graphic artist, as he is a skilled fine artisan. While commercial art is now his mainstay, he also makes time to be a loving father of one daughter, who is presently 8 years old. When he is not freelancing as a designer, his love for his country keeps him occupied during the high months as a licensed professional tourist guide.

For this exhibit, Rinzin Dorji Kunza joins hands with Eric D. Hatchell and optimistically invites all persons of all faiths and social backgrounds to span the globe and visit with us, as we share our artwork with hopes of delivering joint contributions, which represent the positive purpose of generating a common spirituality, throughout the world.

Exhibit Location

Dorji Elements is a new "boutique" hotel with conference and spa facilities, is located in Thimphu, Bhutan, within walking distance of major attractions.

It is conveniently situated minutes from the Royal Textile Academy Museum and and the Royal Academy for performing arts and the Citi Mall.

Public Transit: Chang lam. Next to Tarayana , TCB and BOB Bank Chubabchu.

Exhibit Sponsors

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors! We extend our sincere appreciation to them, as without whom our exhibit would not be possible. We invite you to support these fine patrons of the arts.

Giclée Canvas Art Production:

CanvasJob.com Photo & Wall Art

Exhibit Gallery & Accommodations:

Dorji Elements

Photo Studio:

Yangchen's Unisex Bhutan Salon

VIP Opening Night and Exhibit Transport:

Anonymous Donor

Tara Photo Shoot

The Tara comes alive, and you can be a part of it. With a blend of digital photography and a great appreciation for the age-old Buddhist art of thangka paintings, the twenty-one emanations of Tara are now being created in Bhutan.
Studio, Hair & Make-up:

—  Yangchen Wangmo of Unisex Bhutan Salon

Tara Photo Shoot Location:
Chang Lam 111, +975 Thimphu, Bhutan

Dharma Consultants:

—  Ven. Thongphu Lopen Rinpoche, Yonten Phuntsho

Ven. Thongphu Lopen, appointed Abbot of Drodul Dongagling Monastery in 1990, currently looks after 3 monasteries in Thongphu, Phongmey and Momnangkhar. He also supervises 2 Buddhist schools the Drodul Dongagling and Ugyen Gatsheling.

—  Tshering Chodup, founder The Great Gurus

The group Great Gurus was founded by the notion, all should see the Great Gurus and their contributions to the sentient beings of this age.

Dharma Consultants: (Mongolia)

To be announced

Dharma Consultants: (USA)

To be announced

Spiritual Patron:

—  Lama Glenn Mullin, Buddhist author & tantric meditation teacher, has to his name over twenty-five books on Tibetan Buddhism. Since 1972, Lama Glenn studied in the Himalayas and Central Asia, under thirty-five of the great living masters from the four schools of Tibetan Buddhism, including the late masters Ling Rinpoche (1903-1983) and Trijang Rinpoche (1901-1981).

Production Assistant:

—  Rangjung Juniee Gyelmo

Casting & Graphics:

—  Rinzin Dorji Kunza

Costume Design & Merchandising

—  Bickyla Ho

Travel Arrangements

Bhutan's mystery, magic and traditional Buddhist culture might only be eclipsed by it's incredible Himalayan landscape. No ordinary place to visit for sure, so special travel arrangements need to be made in accordance with the terms of the kingdom. Our thanks to the many capable guides and consultants who will be seeing us through this amazing journey.

Bookings US & Mongolia:

Delgermaa Dagva-Hatchell

Bookings Nepal & Bhutan:

Sangye Rdorje of  Bhutan Smart Travels